Professional & Custom TV installation Service

  • OLED, LED, Plasma TV installation
  • Menu Board Installation
  • TV installation over the fireplace
  • TV installation with a component shelf or wall furniture
  • TV installation on a brick, a stone, a marble, or a tile wall
  • Samsung Frame TV & LG Gallery TV installation with a recess box 
  • Sound bar / Home Theater installation& setup
  • Projector & Projector Screen Installation


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Over the fireplace

TV installations over fireplaces are much more expensive than a regular installation because you need a power source behind the TV and customized cable hiding for the long HDMI cables that connect the components and the TV. We make a new power outlet in the TV area over the fireplace. Although TV installations over fireplaces are very expensive, we have a special promotion that includes the service and materials for a discounted price.

Over the fireplace package  

(On Sale Now)

Floating Shelf / Floating Funiture

A floating shelf or furniture below the TV is one of the best output for TV installations. Omnimount Tria, Blade, and Sanus shelf are available.

Sound bar Installation

- Install a soundbar on the wall. underneath the TV, or on the mantle

- Hide a sound bar power cord and an audio cable inside the wall

- Enjoy superior sound with your movie or sports

Electric Fireplace Installation

We install an electric fireplace on the wall below the TV. Prices are vary. Installation price depends on the size of the electric fireplace and the condition of the work

(Installation with recessed wall or none recessed wall)

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Powerbridge Solution

     Powerbridge Kit

  • Look professional and safe
  • Surge Protected
  • Hide cord behind the wall 
  • Meet National Electrical Code 400.7
  • Powerbridge kit price: $59 to $99
  • Powerbridge kit installation is additional


Mr. TV MOUNT can help you get more for your money by mounting your TV on the wall to make your room look fabulous. Using powerful, state-of-the art development tools, our technicians will build your system from the ground up.


With five-star reviews from customers, Mr. TV  MOUNT offers a full range of Flat TV installations, Home Theater installations, Projector installations and Projector Screen installations, which are specialized, highly customized technology solutions for both residential & commercial locations.  Based in Chantilly, Virginia, Mr. TV MOUNT is the most reliable and professional TV mounting company that covers the Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland area. 


Are you looking for custom work like installing a TV in a conference room, over a fireplace, or with an IR extender? 

Call 1-855-Mr. TV MOUNT(678-8668) today and discuss your plans with our specialists!


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